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Osteoporosis: what causes it and how whole body vibration therapy can prevent and reverse it.

Osteoporosis is becoming increasingly common.  It especially plagues post-menopausal women and people who lead sedentary lives.

The primary cause of osteoporosis is the leaching of calcium from the bones by the body itself. Many people’s lifestyles and diets result in their bodies being in an acidic PH rather than a balanced PH. This means that the blood chemistry is out of whack and is too acidic.

This sets off a natural reaction. In an attempt to balance the body’s PH, tissue  such as muscles and organs send out a ‘request’ for alkaline input from wherever such alkaline content is stored.  The body then draws from alkaline reserves in the liver, but once this reserve is depleted, alkaline content must be found from elsewhere  within the body.  Calcium is alkaline and it’s stored in the bones.

The largest bones such as the hips, pelvic bones, femur, wrists and so on, then release the calcium.

The situation is exacerbated by poor diet that heightens acidity as well as lack of exercise.

Once someone has osteoporosis, doctors will often recommend dietary changes as well as lifestyle changes to include exercise.  They will often also recommend medication and calcium supplements.

Osteoporosis reversal can be a long haul. Unless permanent dietary and lifestyle changes are effected, the patient runs the risk of recurring osteoporosis once they’re off medication and supplements.

The quickest and easiest way to help reverse osteoporosis is to exercise - however the degree of exercise that’s necessary may be beyond the scope of many elderly people or anyone who is not used to exercising.

Fortunately, whole body vibration exercise therapy is a safe and easy answer for such people, and has been known to combat osteoporosis without drugs. The oscillation of the platform produces an involuntary muscle contraction known as ‘stretch reflex’.  The speed of the oscillation can produce up to 3,000 contractions per minute.  It accelerates the natural muscle action by 3 to 5 times.

In other words if you walk or run your muscles may contract a few times per second.  By standing on a Vibetronix whole body vibration exercise machine platform, your muscles will perform the same action – but a lot faster.  An added advantage is that this vibration affects all the muscles in the body and you can target specific areas by varying your position on the vibration exercise machine and by varying the speed of the oscillation.

This vibration exercise provides the necessary stress on the bone that causes it to grow in density and therefore in strength.

The beauty of this natural osteoporosis therapy is that it can be done in just 10 minutes a day and results can be seen in as little as six to eight weeks.  It’s ideal for those with limited mobility and it will also improve flexibility, muscle strength and stamina.

Vibetronix whole body vibration exercise machines use triangular oscillating vibration (side to side motion in a see-saw fashion) which is what has been used for all major health studies.  It’s non-invasive and low impact and very safe and gentle on the joints.  Some of the other vibration technologies such as the piston like (vertical up and down) action are too harsh for many users.

To find out more about how whole body vibration exercise therapy can aid in reversing and preventing osteoporosis, please email us or call 604 852 3555.

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